Monday, February 27, 2006

Did somebody ask for a CHALLENGE????

No iPods, or free licenses, or t-shirts, or whatever, folks. Make a super-neat virtual machine to run in VMware Player and win stacks and stacks of cold, hard cash. Use your imagination here: what does the world need? What problems have you encountered that could have been better solved with the use of a pre-fabricated VM? Maybe you want to use multiple snapshots to cheat at Zork? The sky's the limit.

I'm kind of blown away at the generosity of the terms of this contest. First prize is $100k! Those are US dollars, folks. We're good for it. There are also various category prizes (e.g., best consumer VM, best developer VM, best VM submitted by a full-time student, etc.) If VMware employees weren't inelligible, I'd totally be taking a few days "sick" to make the ultimate multi-boot AtheOS/OpenStep VM extravaganza...


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