Thursday, October 26, 2006

Survived ASPLOS XII!

Well, I got to present my first conference paper, and lived to tell the tale. Getting to take a question from Dave "AQA" Patterson gave me goosebumps. On Tuesday, a grad student whose name escapes me (sorry!) asked Ole and me, "So, the two of you did all this work yourselves?" Of course not! I'm ashamed to have left that impression on anybody. The VMware VMM group has around 100 alumni at this point; our results, at least as regards the software VMM, stand on the shoulders of many giants. The hardware VMM has also had significant contributions from Jim Mattson, Meenali Rungta, and Michael Ho.

ASPLOS was biking distance from my home this year, so perhaps I'll present a receipt for some chain lube as a travel expense or something. It's amazing how hard it is to get motivated for the "extra-curriculars" at a conference when you can just go home any time you like; instead of going to the welcome reception, I stayed home and made meatloaf. Whatcha gonna do...


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